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Wysłany: 13 Lip 2015 19:48

dawno nie bylem i nie bede ale taki maly niusik, chyba ze to juz stare info :)
na poczcie w spamie znalalzlem linka do jakiegos kasyna

to zawartosc poczty, jak ktos nie chce tam wlazic :D

New Entropia Platform Third-Party Partner

Companies and organisations around the world now have the opportunity to leverage the Entropia Platform for marketing, promotion, production assistance and training.

In fact, almost every business could benefit from a proven virtual platform in their day-to-day business operations.

MindArk will present new partners at the 3rd party partner area at

We're happy to introduce the latest third-party partner of the Entropia Platform:
Vincere B.V. Curacao
VtM logo

Vincere B.V. Curacao - Virtual and Online Casinos

Vincere B.V. features an online casino, available on Mobile, Tablets, and PC Browsers. Vincere B.V. will employ Entropia Platform technology to build a fully functional virtual casino environment for its VegastoMacau casino customers. In the 3D environment users will be able to roam their favorite casinos, mingle with others, chat, and socialize while online gaming. In addition, they have the opportunity to win exclusive virtual and real world items, or purchase virtual items from a web shop.

Actual gambling activities are browser-based and are processed through servers provided by the third-party casino software operator located in authorized jurisdictions. The virtual environment is under construction and will be launched in 2016 fully independent of Entropia Universe and using a separate economy and user account database.

Online casino users can already play casino games in their mobile or PC browser and receive exclusive virtual items prior to launch of the virtual environment.

Virtual Items in the upcoming 3D casino world will allow you to customize your avatar, design your own apartment, or travel around having a bit of extra fun when you'd like to take a break from the casino. If the 3D Casino is not your thing, then you can trade in virtual items that you win for free spins and bonuses. Rare good luck charm items would be worth keeping though since they will increase your payouts in the long term, giving you more cash where you want it. Feel free to browse some of the current item options using the link below and see what you have waiting for you!

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